MUTANTS umbrella term for those of the subspecies Homo Sapien Mutare. Psions, therians, shapeshifters, metamorphs, mosaics and chimeras are different classifications of mutants.

PSIONS psions are able to influence and interact with their immediate surroundings on a metaphysical level.  They can easily blend into human society since they exhibit no physical anomalies. Psions make up the minority of the mutant population.

SHAPESHIFTING is an umbrella term used to describe mutants who can change into another form. This term is generally used interchangeably with “therian”, but is more accurately associated with other types of changes i.e. mimicry, surface or partial changes. All shapeshifters are limited by the conservation of mass and biological systems between forms.

THERIANS have the ability to completely transform into another creature. Unlike other shifters, therians go through an intellectual transformation as well as a physical to adapt to their alternate form. They generally pass as human with mild physical anomalies that correspond with their other form.  Therians makeup the majority of the mutant population.

CHIMERA is a broad classification of individuals who simultaneous have human and non-human traits that are not shapeshifters. They have physiological abilities rather than metaphysical. Due to appearances and behaviors, if given a choice a chimera will stay away from large populations of people and seek out other chimeras with similar characteristics.

SUBSPECIES AFFAIRS BUREAU (SAB) A branch of the NYPD established in the 1970’s. Part of a political move to “level the playing field” by including mutants in law enforcement. There are mostly mixed opinions about the effectiveness and motives of SAB.

SUBSPECIES INVESTIGATION DIVISION (SID/SI) A law enforcement unit assigned to precincts by the SAB. Although considered to be low ranking officers, their duties are similar to those of detectives, probation officers, auxiliary officers and tactical units. Officers are typically (but not always) mutants who were recruited based on their abilities. Their function is to prevent, detect, investigate and respond to crimes by or against mutants.

CO-OPS institutions such as hospitals, schools and farmers markets that are run by a community largely by volunteers and occasionally government subsidies.

MOSAICS most aren’t aware that they are mosaics and go through their entire life passing as human. Their abilities are undetectable until activated, which science is still trying to figure out why and how mosaics go through these transformations and if this research can be applied.

METAMORPHS humans that are forcibly mutated, the changes are usually violent with a severe change in personality. It’s suspected that metamorphs are actually mosaics, but without the ability to identify mosaics pre-change it’s hard to say.