The final page of chapter two! Thank you all for reading and sticking with me over the years, but I have two announcements to make:

I will NOT be continuing the Underground after this chapter, as is. Some unexpected things in my personal and creative life have happened that will affect my ability to continue this project and give it the attention it deserves. I am a little bummed, but I’ve been considering my options for the better half of six months now and this is the decision I’ve made. I’ll include my thoughts and reasons for stopping this project bellow the cut.

That being said, the good news is that I will be working with @Ashley McGivern and @Courtney Vonada​ to launch a new comic project in 2019 starring the cast of characters we have been lovingly referring to as “adventure squad”. We are still working out some details, but please follow us on social media if you want updates about this project as we will be producing a lot of content for it this summer!

Regarding my feelings about The Underground:

1. This was my first comic project, and it has all the problems of trying to figure out a webcomic for the first time ever. I’m very okay with it having this problem, I’ve actually learned a lot from working on it in terms of keeping a schedule, production and visual storytelling, but I personally still feel like ‘I could do better, and know know how to do better’.

2. The story is problematic. I’ve come to realize that I have written myself into a wall, which I haven’t actually hit yet, but I still want to quit while I’m ahead. The story was written summer of 2013, with minimal world building and didn’t go through any drafts before I started posting pages fall of 2013.

3. I would like to bring it back some time in the future, when I am not sure. My plan is to rework the story and pacing of the comic so it flows more gracefully, the initial setup isn’t as drawn out and showcases the world building better. I will also be cutting down the story so it focuses more on main characters than necessarily including side and back stories (as originally planned).

4. Timing. I had all the best intentions to focus solely on The Underground the back half of 2018 and never anticipated to get as invested as I did in a new project and cast of characters, that came together fast and easy. I’m not saying that I don’t or haven’t had fun working on the Underground, but the appeal of doing something new and to do it “right” outweighs my desire to fix all the problems I have with The Underground.