AUGUST “GUS” HANS A SID officer and brooding winged chimera. Gus’ contribution to the SID is his previous knowledge and experience with various cartels and black markets as well as his resourcefulness. He is the only chimera recruited into the precinct as somewhat of a pet project of Gill’s, which hasn’t earned him many friends amongst his co workers. He is constantly getting in and out of trouble by breaking protocols and inappropriate behavior. Gus wants to do good, but lacks the support and tact to follow through with these intentions.

  • Loves baseball (especially the Yankees), and won’t let the fact that he is physically awkward and wings are cheating to stop him from trying to participate in America’s favorite past time goddamnit.
  • Functioning(?) alcoholic
  • Somewhat of a handyman
  LIEUTENANT MARCO GIANNI of the 88th Precinct and a therian. Worked with Gill as partners in the 1980’s after SAB was formed. After an accident resulting in permanent damage to his left side and shapeshifting, Marco has retired from field work in favor of administrative work. He still supervises SID operations and keeps an eye out for new recruits.Marco is extremely approachable and has a positive outlook on life.

  • The dad of the precinct
  • Also the dad of four rowdy therians
  • Actually the dad of five if you include Gus
  RENE SEVERINO is the newest SID recruit and a powerful psion. Her ability to absorb and redistribute kinetic energy easily ranks her as the strongest person in the 88th. Rene is generally abrasive, sarcastic, and impersonal, she’s not terribly interested in doing her job unless she get’s to break stuff or punch someone – for this reason she gets along well with Gus.  

  • Baditude
  • Chaotic neutral
  • Can put Gus in a headlock and it’s hilarious every time
  COLE RILEY takes pride in his work even though he hasn’t seen much action in the field. He is relatively personable if not pushy at times. Riley is people pleaser when it comes to his supervisors but has no problems micromanaging and pushing around his co-workers and subordinates.  

  • Massively insecure about his identity as a therian
  • Might be compensating by working out and maintaining a “look”
  • Secret: wears contacts
  CAPTAIN ANDREW GILL Captain of the 88th Precinct. Gill earned his ranking after years of service in the NYPD. During those years he dealt regularly with mutants and mutant crimes. Gill is a huge advocate for SAB and SID believing that mutant crime would decrease if they saw their own kind in law enforcement. He put together mutant outreach programs as an officer and was one of the first captains to organize a SID unit in his precinct.

  • So stressed
  CORBIN a very abnormal chimera with multiple eyes and limbs. As far as the public is concerned, he owns and operates a decrepit pawn shop in a shady part of town. Corbin has many contacts with the black market and underground society and is the guy to see about a side job.

  • Is too old for this shit.